Meet Hamid Jaouhar

Entrepreneur, author, father, Hypnosis Trainer and motivational speaker

As an internationally renowned transformative coach and author, my mission is to establish a solid understanding of Hypnosis and help people implement tried and proven strategies to better their lives.

The goal of this training is to prepare my students to stand up to the status quo and break free from the chains of mediocrity. Only by conquering this challenge can a person find true happiness and success in life.

I am a happy father of 4 kids. I am bilingual in English and French. For as long as I can remember I have been a man of many passions and aspirations. Many considered me an overachiever or too ambitious. That caused me to struggle with constant self-doubt about being able to achieve my dreams. Through hard work I learned to alter my perspective of the past, unleashing my full potential for enjoying the present and creating my own future.  

I have devoted my life to educating myself on the topics of psychology, self-improvement and spirituality, to name a few. This dedication has helped me to positively influence society and to achieve “self-actualization”. There really is truth in the infamous quote “You cannot serve from an empty vessel” by Elanor Brown. Only when you develop and grow every aspect of yourself will you be able to influence the world. Whether you need assistance with navigating or influencing the world, you will need to work on your personal growth and I am here to help you along the way!